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Trauma as a Result of Childbirth

Whilst the vast majority of pregnancies and labours pass without problems, complications can sometimes arise. As a result, the birth of your baby may not have been as you expected or planned it to be. In these situations, you may feel overwhelmed and bewildered when you are at your most vulnerable.

The emotional impact of a medical mistake made during childbirth can be huge.  New mothers may find it difficult to bond with their babies and struggle to come to terms with their experience of labour and motherhood.   If you or your baby have been injured during childbirth you may be fearful about future pregnancies and labour which may impact on your family plans for the future.  Feelings of guilt and anxiety are also common.

Making a claim for psychological injuries sustained as a result of childbirth can seem daunting but the CNCI team are here to assist you. We can provide guidance on the merits of your claim in a no obligation, free of charge consultation.