Advising with empathy and experience

Claims on behalf of children

Crimes against children are invariably distressing for all concerned. It is children who are least able to protect themselves and who should be able to rely upon the protection of adults. Where the offender is someone in a position of trust such as a carer then the impact upon the child and family can be particularly devastating.

Children may find it difficult to report crimes committed against them. They may feel frightened about the repercussions or worry that they are in some way to blame. They may also delay seeking compensation, often for many years.

Delays can present problems in terms of gathering evidence but prosecutions are brought in respect of old offences. Similarly compensation is often recovered by victims of those crimes.

If a child you are responsible for has been a victim of crime then contact us for confidential, specialist advice. We understand the difficulty that you or your child may have in talking about matters and will deal with your query with the utmost sensitivity.