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Claims arising from abuse and neglect of the elderly

Standards in nursing and residential homes for the elderly are generally very high. Abuse, exploitation and neglect are rare, but where they occur, elderly people are particularly vulnerable.  They may not have an advocate to speak for them, or be able to communicate their distress.

Recent improvements in medical care have led to increased life expectancy and happy and healthy retirements for many people. Although most will remain independent, some, especially the very elderly, may need support to cope with day to day activities.

Elderly residents of care and nursing homes should be able to enjoy a dignified, comfortable and safe environment, but sadly this is not always the case.

If you are responsible for an elderly relative and have concerns that they may have been ill treated, then you may require legal advice on their entitlement to compensation. We have experts in the field of neglect and abuse claims who will deal with your query in a sensitive and supportive way.