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Claims arising from sexual assault & abuse

Those who suffer sexual assault and abuse may find the psychological impact of the crime lasts far longer than any physical injuries. These problems may be compounded by difficulties that the victim may experience in accessing justice.

Victims of sexual assault and abuse may be frightened of repercussions if they report the crime; anxious about the investigation process and distressed about the prospect of giving evidence at any trial. For many these fears prevent them from taking any action and leave them alone and unsupported when they are most in need.

It may be some time (and often) several years before victims of sexual assault are prompted to take action and even at that stage they may not be able to face reliving their experiences as part of any claim for compensation.

We can offer sympathetic, confidential advice to victims of sexual assault and abuse. We can support you through the process of claiming compensation. Contact us to talk to a member of our team.