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Claims relating to financial exploitation of the elderly

Recent advances in medical care have led to substantial increases in life expectancy. Many people enjoy long, happy and independent retirements. Sadly, some people are not so fortunate and require help with social and medical care, or management of finances.

Unfortunately, advancing age can result in increasing vulnerability. The frail or elderly may not be in a position to understand their entitlements and insist upon receiving them. Thousands of people have been, and continue to be, incorrectly assessed for entitlement to free medical care and may be paying fees for long term care which should have been funded by the NHS.

Occasionally the elderly may be open to financial abuse and exploitation.  This can, in the worst cases lead to the losses of tens of thousands of pounds or an individual’s entire life savings.

If you, or a relative, have concerns regarding the payment of care home fees or want advice on the options for safeguarding financial affairs then contact our specialist team.