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Injuries resulting in amputation

Pioneering advances in medical treatment have helped to prevent the need for many limb amputations even in cases of very serious injury. Sadly amputation cannot always be avoided and the loss of a limb through injury, disease or medical treatment is invariably disabling and devastating.

Rehabilitation and prosthetics support may enable many amputees to recover mobility and independence but a lack of available resources may inhibit recovery. Amputees may have difficulty working; experience phantom limb pains or suffer depression as a result of their injury.

Where an individual has lost a limb through the negligence of another it may be possible to claim compensation. Pursuing a claim may enable the amputee to access early rehabilitation or private prosthetics support.

If you, or a loved one, have had an amputation and believe someone else to be at fault, you may require legal advice on the possibility of recovering compensation. Our experienced team will be able to deal with your enquiry in a sympathetic and proactive way.