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Injuries arising from sports participation and sports medicine

For the majority of participants sport at all levels is about fitness, skill and fun. Serious injuries are relatively rare and in most cases are treated promptly and appropriately. Occasionally disabling injuries do occur and sometimes the initial problem may be compounded by poor quality, if well intentioned, treatment.

Most participants accept that sport carries a risk of injury. However where serious injury arises from an illegal tackle in rugby or football; or because sports facilities have been poorly maintained the injured party may wish to take action.

Sporting injuries and their negligent treatment can be devastating to the lives of young people; end promising and lucrative careers or cause long term disability.

If you, or a loved one, have suffered a sporting injury or have concerns about the quality of treatment for that injury then you may require legal advice on entitlement to compensation. We have experts in this field who will deal with your enquiry in a sensitive and supportive way.