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Claims arising from workplace accidents

In 2009/10 152 employees died in workplace accidents in the UK. A further 26,061 employees suffered serious injuries. Many more workers were unable to work because of accidents or developed diseases associated with working conditions. Compared with earlier statistics these figures represent a downward trend and this suggests that workplaces are becoming safer.

Sadly the statistics hide a grim reality. It is still the case that some employees risk serious injury simply by going to work. In many cases incidents occur because employers disregard Health and Safety requirements in order to save money or time.

Each death or serious injury at work represents a personal tragedy. Families lose their main source of income; careers are ended and individuals are left with long term disabilities.

If you or a loved one have suffered injury as a result of a workplace incident for which someone else was responsible then you may need legal assistance. Our team of experts will deal with your enquiry promptly and ensure that you receive the support and advice you need.